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            CDL Training Schools Guide    All-American Truck Driving School Guide to
                 CDL Training, License & Test Information

                 Consumer and Student Guide to CDL Training, Truck Driving Schools and Trucking Jobs

                        Truck Driving School Guide to CDL Training

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            New York Trucking Schools
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            North Dakota Trucking Schools
            Ohio Trucking Schools
            Oklahoma Trucking Schools
            Oregon Trucking Schools
            Pennsylvania Trucking Schools
            Rhode Island Trucking Schools
            South Carolina Trucking Schools
            South Dakota Trucking Schools
            Tennessee Trucking Schools
            Texas Trucking Schools
            Utah Trucking Schools
            Vermont Trucking Schools
            Virginia Trucking Schools
            Washington Trucking Schools
            West Virginia Trucking Schools
            Wisconsin Trucking Schools
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            Request Information from
            Truck Driving Schools Guide and get on the road to a new career!

            Congratulations!  You've taken a big step towards starting a great career as a professional truck driver.  Please provide the following information so we can answer your questions about trucking and obtaining your CDL.  Thank you.

            First Name: Last Name:


            City:   State:   Zip Code:

            Birth Date (month/year you were born):

            Closest major city to you:

            Telephone [required]:      Cell Phone:

            Email [required] (example: name@yourservice.com)
            Please include a telephone number AND email so that we can provide you with answers to your questions or refer you to someone who can contact you.  Keep in mind that the best way to evaluate a truck driving school is to ask questions of the training staff.

            TruckSchoolsUSA may recommend a quality truck driving schoolIf you would like information on particular schools, please list below:

            Many people can stay with friends or relatives in another city or state for the few weeks it takes to go to truck driving school.  It's a great way to save money.  If you are interested in doing this, please name the city and state(s) where you might stay.  That will help us recommend schools:

            The following questions help us find a school and employer that meets your needs.  There are schools and trucking companies that can help you even with background issues (criminal or driving record problems, for example).

            Do you have a valid regular state Driver's License?  Yes  No 
            Do you currently have a Class A CDL?  Yes  No 
            Do you have military experience?  Yes  No 
            Have you had any at-fault accidents in the last year?  Yes  No 
            Have you had any drug or alcohol related driving offenses in the last 5 years?  Yes  No 
            Have you been convicted of a misdemeanor in the last 5 years?   Yes  No 
            Have you been convicted of a felony in the last 10 years?  Yes  No 
            Are you currently on probation or parole?  Yes  No 
            Are you epileptic or insulin-dependent?  Yes  No 
            You have a High School Diploma or a GED?  Yes  No 
            What year did you obtain the HS Diploma or GED? 


            Are you interested in information on any of the following?

            Tuition Reimbursement     Yes 
            Loans/Financing     Yes 
            Training Grants     Yes 

            Housing      Yes 

            PTDI Certified Programs     Yes 
            Carrier-Paid Training (with Employment Contract)     Yes 
            Veterans Training Benefits     Yes 
            Distance Learning (internet)   Yes 

            CDL Test Study Guides     Yes 

            Please feel free to add any comments:

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